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Hello, we're Warren & Isaura, a husband and wife team from Deal in Kent, with a shared passion for delicious, homemade food.

Our business name - Fire & Roast - is inspired by the piri piri chillies in our hot oils and sauces, and the organic nuts, which we slow-roast in small batches and use in our range of delicious nut butters.

Isaura was born in Madeira, so Portuguese food had always been a strong influence, but on a recent trip to visit her son, daughter-in-law and wonderful grandchildren in Lisbon, she

enjoyed many delicious homecooked meals - which were made even more delicious by her son’s homemade piri piri oils.

Back in England, Isaura started making her own piri piri oils and sauces, experimenting with different heats, while Warren started making our range of organic nut butters, giving free samples to friends and family with huge success.

And the rest - as they say - is history! 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.