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Ever wondered what makes you nuts about nuts?

Nuts have always been a staple snack food in our home, with Warren easting a handful of nuts every day. But now there is research showing that small quantities of nuts can have real health benefits.

Nuts contain some fat, but in most cases it is the healthy (monounsaturated) fat which helps to lower LDL or the "bad" cholesterol. There are other potential health benefits from nuts though. They provide fibre, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and some research has shown that they can reduce blood pressure, help to keep the heart healthy, and decrease some effects of metabolic syndrome, so what's not to like?!

When we started making our artisan nut butters and giving them to friends and family to enjoy, we had no idea it would turn into a successful business. Like all our products, our nut butters are handcrafted in our home in Kent, and we would love you to try them too.

roasted orangic almonds cooling waiting to be milled

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